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Adoption Issues

I have over 20 years’ experience in adoption related issues, both professionally and personally.

In my previous role as a Social Worker I recruited, trained and assessed prospective parents. I also placed children in their new families and offered support to those families over the years. As my experience grew so did my interest in the area of Post Adoption Depression/Blues. Nothing can really prepare you for the sudden shock of having a young child join your family. I had the opportunity to research this issue further when completing the Masters course, focusing on the post adoption period for new mother. 

Having worked as a Counsellor with many new parents over the last 10 years I am now aware that the issue in NI is more often post placement blues. The legal system is often lengthy leaving individuals and couples unsure if the child they have grown to love is going to stay or not. 

I see clients from the first days of the child being placed right up until they are teenagers. Each parent has their own struggles and difficulties and often don’t know where to turn to for help. 

Many are afraid to discuss this with their SW in case the child is removed so offering a safe and confidential space allows them to talk openly and honestly. I accept referrals from individuals and also from Social Workers and work closely with some Trust Social Work teams. 

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I offer consultation to Social Work and other staff who are working with prospective or new parents. Some workers who are new to the area of adoption find it beneficial to learn about these post placement/adoption issues and I am happy to share my experience. At times an issue comes up during the assessment and counselling may be needed before the assessment is completed. There may be issues in relation to post placement or post adoption blues and the staff involved need help or support to work with the individual or couples. 

Support can also be offered to staff or teams if needed. 

Team Meetings

I can attend your Social Work team meeting to look at some of the issues outlined and share my experience.